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If You Hate Working, Are You Pursuing Your Dreams?

I hate working

Seneca, the ancient Roman philosopher and ‘poster child’ of Stoicism once stated, “ A man is as unhappy as he has convinced himself he is.”

Happiness and Fulfillment

We struggle to find tools and fight for our happiness. From a young age the idea of happiness is stitched into our adolescent fabric, through others’ stories.  We lose our blossoming identity and our choice to be happy, by the constant bombardment of everyone else’s experiences. The classic ‘projection of emotions’ scenario. Most commonly our jobs, that primal source of identity, tend to snuff out happiness and extinguish our dreams. And if these tools are not downed, we run the risk of suffocating our inspiration.

In a Gallup 2022 report on the State of the Global Workplace, 60% of people reported being emotionally detached at work and 19% as being miserable. That figure cuts deep, this trickle down affecting relationships, financial freedom, stress levels, undeniable health complications and the ability to add happiness into days dominated by, yes, work.

The Risk of Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction 

Seneca was onto something.  Convincing ourselves of being unhappy is directly correlated to our hatred of our daily work.  More than half our life is spent at work and almost two-thirds of us have become detached from our jobs.  Quitting is an alternative but we fear the unknown outcome.  Reasons for why not to quit simultaneously arise, to back up the decision to remain in the life-sucking job.  Pursuing anything else, but the 9-5 slog, is deemed risky and only the wealthy take risks.  Why?

Most of us are deeply afraid of this unknown.  It is a place that runs against the grain of logical thinking.  With a job comes financial security and lifestyle stability.  To forgo that and pursue our dreams would be, and is, frowned upon.  We listen to what society tells us is the ‘norm.  Education, marriage, house, kids, work, retirement, death.  But the ‘norm’ for one person is always going to be completely different to our own ‘norms’.  If we fall into alignment of the societal template, we give up our right to free will and choice.  And the open door to this unknown. The irony of this?  All our answers are in the unknown. Yes, by staying in our known routines and hated jobs, we lose the key to the authentic door of our happiness.

How do we gain enough inner strength and perseverance to step into this unknown, to pursue those forgotten dreams?  And help ease the pain and drudgery of an unwanted and soul destroying job?

There are ways that you can create your own way. Make the big changes that will ignite excitement in your life. While it might not be easy, it is the most rewarding experience to believe in yourself enough to pursue your own dreams. 

Figure Out What You Love To Do 

Dream big yet stay small in the steps to reach it. Go ahead, grab a pen and paper and write down 5-10 perceived outrageous dreams/passions of yours.  They can be ones from yesteryear or recent ones, in no particular order.  Research has shown that by having a physical outlet(eg. writing) for internal thoughts/ideas, we are more likely to follow through with them.  Seeing them on the page will trigger core truths about you.  As you read through your list of dreams/passions, quietly sit with this question, ‘Who am I becoming, if I had to pursue this dream/passion?’. Truly feel the emotion(s) that arise from your answers.. They are all messengers.  

Some dreams/passions might not conjure up any deep feelings, others, however, will jump off the page and scream, ‘Pick Me!’. Stay curious with this process and take note of which ones fire up the heart.  The heart is always in sync with sincerity and love.  This small leap is the first part of venturing into the unknown, in pursuit of your dreams. And staying present to this leap, allows you to deprogram any negative thoughts that might arise. 

Take Action 

Having noted the ones that strike more positive feelings and which ones inspire you to action, it’s time to take another small leap and ACT.  Dreams and passions will always remain untouchable, until we apply an action to achieve them.  Write down 2 actions that you can implement, to achieve your selected dreams.  Ones that are specific, realistic, manageable and attainable.  This is crucial to the overall success of the pathway.  These very specific steps, true to who you are, will give you immediate and sustainable direction.  The unknown is now becoming more familiar, as we give it a backbone to build powerful intentions onto. 

Make Your Dream Job a Side Hustle to Start   

With intentions come manifestations.  You are, in essence, calling this new future to you.  And with the alignment of actions and intentions, the dream will materialize.  The realization of this prospective job needs seedlings of initial growth.  And time plays a distinct part.  To meet the mortgage or rent deadlines, you still need to show up with a paycheck.  

Striking that balance between leaning wholeheartedly into the newly discovered dream and retaining a monthly income, will ensure enough financial stability.  In addition, that money can also be invested in supplementing further knowledge towards this dream; online courses, seminars, workshops.  Hustling on the side, playing ‘hookie’ now and again, will develop a higher level of confidence to plunge into the deep reality of the unknown.

Take the Leap and Quit your Job  

Envision this day, that moment of taking ownership of your decisions.  Strutting into the boss’s office to quit, you’ll have cemented a sturdy foundation from all the internal yard work, to nonchalantly throw your notice onto their desk.  Acquiring the knowledge of what honestly ‘floats your boat’ and executing this positive intention, will ultimately stake a claim in stepping out from the shadows of the known and into the inspiring unknown.  Be aware of your broad smile, as you waltz out of the office and into the lap of this powerful new chapter!

Remember that life has a sell by date and it eventually ends. You can spend your life hating the job you do or follow your dreams. When you do that, work doesn’t really feel like work at all. 

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