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Discover ways to enhance the overall quality of your life. Take care of your personal wellbeing and seek more fun and adventure from life.


Enrich your overall travelling experience. Be inspired by new destination ideas. Learn how to travel more effectively and safely around the world.

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Improve your experience at home. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking, gardening or just wanting to relax more, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to our blog!

The blog was created to help inspire people to take steps in creating a more enriching and fulfilling life. 

We strongly believe a big part of life is about discovering and trying new things. Therefore, what we want to do is provide you with the tools to help you explore and try different things so that you can make adjustments to your life for the better. While we’re not promising to change your life overnight, we hope we can add a spark to it with each of our blog post. Maybe it’s discovering a better way of doing housework (hooray!) or maybe it’s exploring more conceptual ideas on how to get more out of life. 

Whatever it is, however big or small, we hope the content we put out inspires you to take steps in trying new things and by doing so, add more spark to your life. 

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